Monday, January 4, 2016

Music Store Online

Happy New Year Everyone! We just got back from our trip and it was fun. My kids don't even want to go home but no choice they have to go back to school. Anyway, during our vacation my daughter still did her daily routine to practice singing. She like singing the Christmas songs. I am going to check out  music store online to see if I can find
condenser microphone for her because I know she will be happy if she gets that on her birthday since she loves singing.  I hope you all have a great New Years ahead and thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Great Tenkara Fishing Gear at AvidMax

This coming summer my husband and I were going to do a lot of fishing since our boat is getting fixed. Too bad that this summer we are not able to do anything because our boat was not ready to use and the engine was broke. My girls are so excited to do outdoor activities like swimming and fishing. I remember the girls keep asking this summer if we can go fishing and I feel bad that we cannot take them fishing. Now that there getting older it is more fun to bring them in outdoor activities since they will enjoy it more and appreciate the stuff that we do for them and the memory will last forever. While I was searching fishing gear I came across great tenkara fishing gear at AvidMax Anyway, I found out that Tenkara style of fishing is a good to use for mountain because it has ability to hold the line and fly in place over difficult as well as sudden changes of water currents. And when you decide to use this style rod (Tenkara) , you will see basically that there are only a few elements between you and the fish. So, if you guys are looking for fishing gear I would suggest to click the link above. That is all for now and you guys have a good day!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


My daughter accidentally broke her favorite guitar and she fell bad about it. Since it was an accident my husband and I agreed that we were going to replace the guitar since we know how important it is to her. Music is part of her life so we cannot stand to watch her being sad. My friend give me idea where to find affordable guitars so I am going to check it out right now. You guys have fun and thanks for the visit. If you are looking for a guitar you can click the link above. Thanks!

Getting Cold

It is Friday tomorrow and things need to get done before it gets too cold. I know it is supposed to be my off but I think it will not going to happen because I am planning to work in the weekend. Oh well, I guess when winter comes I am just going to hibernate and do nothing. It is getting really cold were we at because every morning I need to start my car 15 minutes early because my car is frozen. Oh well, I love four season so no complaining lol. Have a good one all!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Yamaha Subwoofer

We had party the other day and one of our guest suggest that instead of involving the kids into sports it should be music. He said sports is just an occasional event while music they can play it in their whole life. I was thinking to check out how much it would cost me to buy yamaha subwoofer so that everytime my kids play music we can listen them better. Oh, well I will you know when I found one. Have a good one everyone!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Happy father's day to all father's out there. I personally did not do anything today. I did not even great my father's yet because he is out of nowhere with no phone signal he lives in a remote island. Anyway, since it is a special day for a DAD I am gonna check out  american guitars I  am going to purchase a gift for my dad since it is his especial day today. I really hope I can visit my family soon. I really miss them and hopefully everything goes as it planned. You guys have a good day and thanks for visiting my paradise...

Watch Out

y family and I stayed in the hotel few weeks ago and then in the morning the girls wanna go swimming right after they woke up. Since I was so tired to get up.... I sent my kids older sister to watch the girls in the swimming pool.I told her that I will be there in few minutes so that she can go in the fitness center since she wanted to exercise. So, I did take my time to relax before I check out the girls in the pool. I think it was 30 minutes later and then I went to the swimming pool. My kids having fun swimming when I got there and there is one guy around 40 years old. So, in total there just 4 people in the pool. Right away I can tell that there is something wrong with the guy. I can pretty much sense if a person is normal or not. I was not comfortable at all after I saw this guy around with my girls. I told them right away that we have to go back in the room. My kids was wondering why we have to leave right away. So, after we got back in the room I told them the reason. And to my surprise my 7 years old daughter told me that this sick guy keep winking on her...Since she is young she do not have a good judgement yet if it was safe to be around with this guy...I know that the guy was a sex offender because I can just tell on the looks and the behavior. This is a learning experience for me I really need to watch out because sex offender are everywhere....